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Astrological Counselling

What is Astrological Counselling?

Astrological counselling is a means of finding wholeness. It uses the insight available in the astrological birth chart together with psychological knowledge to help you understand who you are; how you tick; where you struggle with yourself, relationships and life; and what your potentials are.

Each of us is born on a particular date in time, at a particular place on earth. Where the planets were in the heavens at that moment gives you your birth chart - a snapshot of the cosmos at the moment you arrived in this life which sets the unique components of your personality.


How your personality then grows and develops depends on the family and society into which you were born. What you observed in your parents and other family members about their relationships, beliefs, values and ambitions will have an effect on how you view yourself and life, as will significant early experiences. What was going on in society in terms of events and the spirit of the times as you entered the world will also shape you.

Astrological counselling starts with me drawing up your birth chart – the blueprint of the essential you. From this I will then help you understand the basis of who you are, the tensions and conflicts you feel within yourself, the struggles you have in relationships, and most importantly the potentials within you waiting to be developed.

Your chart will then form the foundation for counselling – for exploration of your thoughts and feelings, your life experiences and what you have learned to believe about yourself. We will work together to help you challenge and change false beliefs, and to find your true self so that you can develop your potential.

I am located in South London:

I am located on the edge of Southeast London, within easy reach of Bromley and Croydon and Central London.

Kings Hall Road





There is ample car parking available.

By train:


I am located a 5 minute walk from New Beckenham Station with regular service to and from Charing Cross via Lewisham and London Bridge and a 10 minute walk from Kent House Station with regular links to Victoria. 

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