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How I work

I believe that at our deepest level everyone has the desire and capacity to fulfil their own true potential i.e. to live their birth chart. I believe that we all have within us a motivating force for positive change and growth.

However most of us struggle with parts of ourselves that cause us difficulty in life, and that we want to change. Psychological astrology can help by enabling you to understand yourself, including the difficult parts, and to transform them through acceptance and integration, so that you become more whole and balanced.

I view life as a journey into becoming who we truly are. The astrological chart gives insight into who you are, and can offer freedom from trying to be who someone else wants you to be. I see my role as astrological counsellor as being companion and guide on this journey, and as a facilitator for growth.

What Happens in the First Session

A session is a confidential space where wisdom and insight can be gained.

Before we meet for the first time I will need to know the date, place and time of your birth. If you are not sure of the exact time it is sometimes possible to discern this by other means, in which case an estimate will be an adequate starting point. We can have a discussion about this before you come. Once I know your birth details I will spend several hours drawing up your horoscope, reading and interpreting it.

The initial session will last up to 2 hours, during which we will look at your horoscope and what it reveals about who you are, including how the planets are affecting you at the moment. We will also look at any difficulties you are having and try to understand them, both psychologically and astrologically. The session will be recorded. If you wish to record it yourself please bring a device. Alternativly bring a USB storage stick and I will download a copy for you.

Towards the end of this time we will ascertain if astrological counselling is something you feel would be of benefit to you. If so, we will agree to work together on the issues identified, and arrange further sessions. These will last for 50 minutes.

Ongoing Astrological Counselling

Together we will work in a way that enables us, with the use of astrology, to discover any issues or blocks to being your true self that may exist. We will work with them using your own inner strengths towards a place where they are no longer a hindrance to your growth.

You may then be more able to make the choices and changes necessary to live in a way you find more satisfying and resourceful.


I work from home providing a comfortable and private environment in a room set aside exclusively for my work.


Everything discussed between us is kept strictly confidential. In line with professional practice there may be an exception to this if I believe that someone is at risk of serious harm. This will be explained at our first meeting.    

My Fees

Initial 2 hour session, including time spent in preparation: £120

Ongoing 50 minute sessions: £50


I am located in South London:

I am located on the edge of Southeast London, within easy reach of Bromley and Croydon and Central London.

Kings Hall Road





There is ample car parking available.

By train:


I am located a 5 minute walk from New Beckenham Station with regular service to and from Charing Cross via Lewisham and London Bridge and a 10 minute walk from Kent House Station with regular links to Victoria. 

Contact me:

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:


Tel: 020 8778 7824


mobile 07941 744101


or email:


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